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Our Story

Our Story

Founded in May 2010, Comquality is a company whose purpose is to offer Optimized Solutions in Engineering to customers and all interested parties, adding value, sustainability, profitability and socio-environmental responsibility.

Comquality emerged from the entrepreneurial vision of an Engineer, who decided to apply engineering solutions, in the day-to-day of companies and industries, in the area of ​​Quality and Workplace Safety Consulting. At the end of 2015, the Fire Fighting Engineering center was implemented, which provided Comquality with relevant evidence among companies specialized in design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of INTELLIGENT Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Today, it has extensive experience in the area of ​​Engineering Solutions, comprising 05 Business Centers.

Explosive Atmosphere Engineering

Management and Training

Electrical Safety Engineering

Work’s Security Engineer

Fire Safety Engineering

Comquality carries in its professional baggage the participation in several projects, of the most varied complexities in several Industrial and Commercial branches in the disciplines of Fire and Explosion Prevention and Fighting Engineering, Project Management, Electrical Engineering and QHSE Management. It has a technical staff specialized in Electric Power System and Occupational Safety to guide companies regarding electricity safety (NR-10, IEC 60079 and NFPA 70E) and a multidisciplinary team to better serve and offer an Optimized Solution.

Our professionals have international certification in ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, certification from manufacturers of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and have know-how in several start-ups and maintenance throughout Brazil and Latin America.

In the area of ​​Fire Fighting Engineering we have professionals certified by renowned manufacturers in the industrial environment with all the credentials and certifications for on shore and off shore environments, such as Autronica and Det-tronics.

Comquality is moving towards certification of the Explosive Atmosphere Inspection Service Provision company, in accordance with the NBR IEC 60079-17 standard and thus strengthening a chain of safety, to guarantee the optimal feasibility of the inspection and maintenance according to the prerequisites legal and normative.

In harmony with the main objectives of Sustainable Development of the UN, Comquality works to implement the best engineering practices, bringing the guarantee of the Operational Safety that the client needs, in the solutions developed specifically for each demand.

Our Story


Offer optimized engineering solutions to customers, adding value to their business by highlighting differences in quality, safety, health and the environment to all interested parties.


Be among the leaders of the same size, by 2030, in a sustainable way in the areas of expertise, such as:

Maintenance engineering, planning, training and inspection in: fire and panic safety, work safety, explosive atmosphere, electrical, instrumentation, automation and mechanics.


Our relationship with our stakeholders and the general public is guided by ethical values ​​presented below:

  • Promptness and courtesy;
  • Dignified and respectful treatment;
  • Integrity and transparent behavior;
  • Professional pride;
  • Permanent search for growth;
  • Permanent pursuit of excellence;
  • Quality of life and safety;
  • Respect for diversity and inclusion;
  • Social responsability;
  • Respect for the environment.

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Certificação Comquality
Certificação Comquality
Certificação Comquality

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