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Code of Ethics

Comquality ‘s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct not only defines the principles that should guide work and relationships at the Company, but also the ethical conduct that each professional should adopt to improve the quality of our products and services. Thus, this Code explains what we consider ethical, mainly the integrity of our actions, our honest relationship with customers, employees, suppliers, public bodies, shareholders and the community, and our high standard of commercial conduct.

The basic standards of business practice and professional and personal conduct contained in this code require honesty and sincerity in carrying out the respective activities. Failure to comply with the guidelines set forth in this Code has both personal and corporate implications. Each case will be studied individually, and any or all violations of laws applicable to Comquality’s business will be reported to the appropriate competent authorities for the initiation of due judicial process.

Code of Ethics

Comquality expects all directors and employees to discharge their responsibilities ethically and seek to avoid even the appearance of inappropriate behavior.

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